girls silhouetteSpeaker One

A homeless African American female, in her 40s, who was displaced by Hurricane Katrina.  Her speech and delivery are reminiscent of a fiery civil rights activist. She is tough, but caring.

Speaker Two

A single African American female, in her 30s, who teaches at a community college.  She is more serious in nature and prefers historical and social analysis when expressing her opinion.  She has a sarcastic sense of humor.

Speaker 3Speaker Three

A married African American female, in her 50s, whose unarmed son was killed by the police. The personal injustice is opening her eyes to injustice everywhere.

Speaker 4Speaker Four

A single 18-year-old African American female who is in her first semester at community college. She wears glasses for reading. She is street wise, but naïve about the world. She transforms from a Nicki Minaj wannabe to a modern day Angela Davis.


SOF Background

Chorus (Multiple Speakers)

The amalgamation of diverse women ranging in age, complexion, occupation, lifestyle, heritage, belief, mannerism, and more. No one person on this Earth is an exact replica of another and this entity exposes some of the differences. The melting pot of situations that could arise in one’s life is spoken through this female fusion.