For a young female college student, a writing assignment to examine a pressing social issue sends her on a journey into the hearts and minds of three older women: unnamed because they are meant to represent the common African American woman whose point of view is undervalued and overlooked by society. As the women share their innermost thoughts and feelings on what angers them in a mixture of poetry, prose, song, and dance, the young seeker finds a newfound maturity and an unexpected result of her research—facing her own secret anger about a tragic personal event. Audience participation creates a mutual catharsis which leads to the sense of empowerment necessary for individual and social change.


THE EAST VILLAGE PLAYHOUSE PRESENT “SISTAS ON FIRE” Monday, February 11, 2019 New York City: The new age musical, “Sistas on Fire”, written by Marcia L. McNair and Anissa D. Moore, will be playing at the East Village Playhouse from February 22nd to March 17th. Produced by Kwamara Denise Thompson and directed by Marquis Smalls, “SISTAS ON FIRE” takes you on a journey of the mind of a young college student. A writing project assigned to her by her professor, on pressing social issues, takes her on an expedition into the world of three older African American ladies. Undervalued & Overlooked, these ladies share their grievances with society through a mixture of poetry, prose, song, and dance. Join us, as we empower and celebrate the journey of sisterhood. Tickets are available here.

Playing at the East Village Playhouse.  

February 22  – March 17, 2019
Friday  –  Sunday